Bill got up at seven on Monday morning. 
He was very hungry, so he had a big breakrast.
He went to work by tram and got to the office at nine.  

He had a meeting with her boss, David Free at ten o'clock. 
At eleven he interviewed a young  woman, Mary Wolf, for a job.

Bill liked her very much, so she got the job.             
He had lunch with his friends in a small restaurant. 

He was too busy in the afternoon.
He had a meeting with the marketing manager at two.

After meeting he began to write a report on sales.
He was very tired when he finished it.

He left  the  office at seven in the evening.
He got home at eight and had dinner with his family. 

Then he turned on the television.
There was a documentary film,
so he went to bed at half past eleven.
It was very late for him, 
because he usually goes to bed much earlier.


1-Who is David Free?                                                       
a-his boss                                
b-the office boy
c-his brother                            
d-an old man

2-Why did he interview Mary Wolf?                             
a-to meet her                           
b-for a job        
c-for a lunch                             
d-to help her
3-Whom did he have a meeting with at two? 

a-his boss                                
b-his secretary                     
c-a policeman                           
d-the marketing manager

4-Whom did he dinner with?                                        
a-his boss                                
b-his secretary
d-his family

5-What did he watch on TV?                                        
a-an adventure film                    
b-a football match
c-a documentary film                  
d-a cartoon

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