Air pollution can be caused by:

- motor vehicle exhaust
- power stations
- car manufacturing
- fertilizer factories
- demolishing buildings
- solvent evaporation
- volcanic eruption
- building roads
-forest fires

What can happen?
Global warming, acid rain, smog, ozone depletion are
some effects of air pollution.



Water pollution can be caused by:

man-made chemicals used in farming
- heavy metals
- waste from factories
- sediment from the river bed
- air pollution
- thermal (heat) pollution
- soil pollution from rubbish dumps

What can happen?
The water in the earth's biosphere is used
and reused again and again by all living things.


Land or soil pollution can be caused by:

- farming
- mining and quarrying
- household waste
- demolition and putting up buildings
- factory waste

What can happen?
Experts say that lots of land each year becomes
unusable for humans or animals.


Noise pollution can be caused by:

- noisy roads and traffic
- air traffic
- rail traffic
- household noise
- industrial noise

What can happen?
We hear and make sounds nearly all the time
but too much noise can make us feel angry or depressed.
The time of day that noises are heard is very important.


Pollution from radiation can be caused by:

- nuclear power plants
- making nuclear weapons
- disposal of nuclear waste
- mining for uranium

What can happen?
Radiation occurs naturally at low levels
and is a useful source of power when concentrated.

It can also be very harmful to all living things
if they are exposed to too much of it.



Light pollution happens when outside lights,
such as a streetlight or a security light,
points light upwards into the night sky.

This light gets scattered in the sky
and makes an orange foggy glow to appear above a town.

What can happen?

It is likely that we won't be able to see
the stars in the night sky
if the amount of light pollution isn't closely controlled.


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