The word obesity means being so overweight
that it's bad for your health.

Doctors work out if a person is obese by looking at
how tall they are and how much they weigh.

Why is it a problem?

One in 25 children are now classed as being obese.
With about one in ten kids already overweight,
doctors are really worried about
how this might affect children's health when they're older.

We're putting on weight because we eat a lot more calories but we don't do as much exercise as we used to.

Also, experts say portion sizes have got bigger,
fast food is available everywhere and kids
are encouraged to buy high fat and
high sugar products advertised by celebs

How do you become obese?

Food is a fuel and everyone needs to eat to get energy.
But you have to look at what's in your food.

All food and drink except water contains calories.
If you eat more calories than you need
then those calories aren't used the body stores it as fat.

If you eat loads of extra calories,
like a big chocolate bar, you should try
and do some exercise to wear off
that energy before it turns to fat.

How does it affect your health?

Being obese can be very dangerous to your health
and doctors say that if you're overweight
as a child you're likely to be overweight as an adult.

It's linked to heart disease, cancer, strokes,
high blood pressure and weak bones.

It can also lead to emotional problems
like being bullied and feeling down.

What's being done about the problem?

Experts say you should enjoy your food
but be careful about what you eat and remember to keep active.

The government is trying to work out
how to let you know what's in your food.

They may decide that food like burgers
and chips should be served up with a warning
that you should balance your meal with exercise -
just like cigarettes have health warnings on them.

Popstars and sport stars may be banned
from advertising fast food and high fat,
high sugar snacks and drinks.

And some vending machines in schools
have already been emptied
and replaced with healthier options.

Cooking lessons could also be included in your day,
to help you learn how to prepare food that's good for you.

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