Little Red
Riding Hood
The little  girl  leaves home. 
She walks happily  in the forest. 

It is a very fine day. 
There are a lot of birds in the forest.  
They are singing and flying in the sky.  

There are lots of flowers near the road. 
They are very beautiful. 
She thinks, "My grandma loves flowers. 
I will pick some for her. 
She will be very happy." 

Then she walks again.
She meets a wolf. 

The wolf asks her:  
“Where  are you going, Little  Red Riding Hood?”  

She says, “I am going to my  grandma. 
She is ill.  
She  needs  food  and help. 
I will give her this basket.  
There is a cake, some cheese and jam and eggs inside.” 

The wolf  says  to her,   
“Now  let’s  play  a  game. 
I  will  go  on  the  main road,
and you will take the shortcut. 
Let’s see who will arrive at the house first, okay?”


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