Little Red
Riding Hood

There is a little girl in  a  village. 
The village is near a big forest.

She is very nice  and  friendly.  
She  has a lovely little red riding  hood.  
Everybody   likes   the   little girl
and the little red riding hood. 

They call her; "Little Red Riding Hood."

She has got a grandma.   
She has a small house. 
It is in  the  forest.   
Her grandpa died many years ago. 
She lives alone.  
Little Red Riding Hood loves her very much.

One day Little Red Riding Hood’s mother
makes a cake and she tells her,
 “Your grandma is ill. 
She is in bed. She needs help." 
There are some eggs cheese,
jam and a cake in this basket. 
My dear,  take the basket to her.
But  be    careful. 
There are wild animals and strangers in the forest. 
They are very dangerous. 
Don't  talk to any strangers.”

Little Red Riding Hood says,
" No, mum. I promise. 
I won't talk to anyone. Goodbye mum." 

"Goodbye my dear." her mother says.


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