The lion and the mouse


A lion was once sleeping in his den. A mouse, not knowing
what he was doing, ran over
his nose  and  woke  him.  
The lion put his paw on the little creature and
was about  to kill him.
But the mouse  pleaded  for  his  life,  "
Spare me," 
he said, 
"for I lost my way and did not know what I was doing."
The lion
took pity on him and let him go.

Soon afterwards, the lion, while hunting  in  the  forest ,  was caught in a net and set up a loud roar.    The  mouse   heard him and recognised his voice. He at once ran to the net and began to nibble at the cords. Soon the lion was
set free.

not knowing what he was doing : 
ne yaptığını bilmeden, farkında olmadan.

to run over                    : üzerinden hızla geçmek,  

was  about  to kill him    : onu öldürmek üzereydi

Spare me                      : Canımı bağışla 

to take pity on              : acımak

Soon afterwards           : bundan hemen sonra

set up a loud roar          : yüksek sesle kükredi.

was set free                  : serbest kaldı, kurtuldu

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