The Bald Knight
Once upon a time, a long time ago,  there  was a knight. 
As he grew older, he lost all his hair.  He  became  as  bald 
as an egg. He didn't want anyone to see his bald   head,  so 
he bought a beautiful, black, curly wig.

One day some lords and ladies from the  castle  invited  him 
to go hunting with them, so of course he put on his beautiful 
wig. "How handsome I look! he thought to himself. 

Then he set off happily for the forest.
However, a terrible thing happened. His  wig  caught  on  a 
branch and fell off in full view of everyone.  How  they all 
laughed at him! 

At first the poor knight felt very foolish but then  he  saw 
the funny side of the situation and he started  laughing, too. 
The knight never wore his wig again.  

The moral's this :
When people laugh  at  us,  it  is best to laugh with them.

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