In the  forest  of  Africa  there  lives a little bird.
It  likes  honey.   
Honey is what the bees make. It is very sweet. 
The bees live in a bees’ nest. 

When  it  finds  a  nest of bees with honey  in it,  it  flies  away  
until  it  meets a man.    Then  it  sings,  and  flies  about  from 
tree  to  tree, and  the man follows it to see what is the  matter. 

In this way, it leads the man to the nest. 
Then  the  man makes a fire and burns some green wood under 
the nest. 
This makes the bees fly away; and the man takes out the honey. 
But he always gives some honey to the bird. 
He puts it on the tree, and the bird eats it and is very happy.

The people of the country say, "If a man does not give 
the bird some of the honey, something bad will happen 
to him."

One day a man was cutting wood in the forest, 
when he saw a honey bird.
The bird began to sing and fly from tree to tree, 
and the man said:

“Ah! Now I shall find some good honey.”

So he followed the bird and found a nest of bees. 
He made a fire under the nest.
Then the bees flew out and did not hurt him. 
So he took the honey, and the bird sat on a tree near 
and watched him. The bird waited for ‘some honey. 
But the man said to himself:

“I shall not give the bird any honey. I keep it all for myself.”

He took the honey back to his house. A week later he was 
working in the forest, when he saw the  honey  bird  again. 
“Ah,” he said, “now I shall find some more of that beautiful 

So he followed the bird until he came tree with a hole in it. 
He could not see nest, and no bees flew out when he fire, 
so he thought:

Perhaps the bees have gone away, this nest. I’ll see what 
I can find inside the tree.”

He put his hand inside the hole. There was no honey there.
But there was a snake, which bit him.  Very  soon  he  was 

Then the bird flew away

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