from Stuart aged 9 in Bath:             
 Q: Why did the boy throw his toast out the window?         A:To see the butterfly!

from Nikki aged 9 in Harrow                                           
Q: What did the sea say to the shore?
                              A:Nothing it just waved!

from Alen aged 11 in Worcester                                      
Q: Doctor, doctor I feel like a pin.
A: I can see your point!

from Adam aged 12                                                           Patient: Doctor, Doctor I feel like a bridge.                       Doctor: What's come over you?                                            Patient: Two lorries and a car!

from James, aged 9 from Co. Down:                                   
Q: Do you want to hear the joke about butter?
A: No ... you might spread it!!!

from Amy, aged 11:                                                                   Q: What's a horse's favourite sport?
A: Stable Tennis

from Beth, aged 12:
Q: What do you call a polar bear in the jungle?
A: Lost!

from Jacob, aged 7:
Q: :Why do witches always get high marks?
A: Because they're so good at spelling!

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