There is a young girl in a nice country.
She is very beautiful.
She is tall. She has blond hair and blue eyes.

She lives in a big house.
She has a step mother and three step sisters. 
Her mother is dead.

Cinderella is very kind.
Everybody likes her.
Nobody likes her step mother and step sisters. 
They are rude.
Her step sisters are short and fat.

One day a coach stops in front of her house. Cinderella opens the door.
A man is standing at the door.
He gives her an invitation for the ball.
It is at the palace.
The King, The Queen and The Prince invite them.

Cinderella's step mother and sisters are very happy. They like the balls.

They buy new dresses for themselves.
They do not buy a dress for Cinderella.
They do not like her at all.

Cinderella likes the ball.
She loves the Prince.
But she can not go to the ball.
She does not have new clothes.


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