I will tell you the story of the ant and  the  grasshopper

It is a cold winter's day and an ant is  bringing  out some 
grains of corn from his cellar.
He had gathered a lot of grains in the summer.

A grasshopper sees him. He is  very  hungry, 
He says, 
"Give  me  a  few  grains  of  corn;  I am dying of hunger." 

"But,"  says  the  ant,  "What  did  you  do in the summer? 
Didn't you store up some corn?"

"No," replies the grasshopper, "I was too busy."

"What did you do?" says the ant.

"I sang all day," answers the grasshopper.

"If you sang all summer," says the ant,   "you  can  dance 
all winter."

Then the Grasshopper knew:
It is best to prepare in good times for bad times ahead.

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